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Friday, January 13, 2006

Fiber Resolutions

Well, thanks to my wonderful NJ Fiber Fanatic buddies, I now have a New Year's Resolution. Our task was to dig up a UFO and commit to finishing it by the end of the year. Mine is this lovely mohair sweater, which I think I started 3 (or was it 4, or 5??) years ago. I remember I put it aside for some long forgotten reason. Then, the next time I pulled it out, I wasn't able to easily figure out where I had left off in the instructions, so I buried it very deep in the cedar closet. This, of course, is the same cedar closet that left for its new home in Connecticut last weekend. Since it no longer has a closet to hide in, I guess it had better become a sweater sometime soon!

Now here's a secret - what I didn't tell my spinning buddies is that I also have two other neglected projects. One is a pair Nancy Bush Ute Socks (pattern is in the Fall 1999 Interweave Knits). I haven't got the slightest idea why I never finished them - I am at the heel on sock #1. And yes, I did start them when the magazine was fresh on the newstands! It shouldn't be a huge problem to finish the socks sometime soon.

The second secret neglected project is an American Heirloom rug. I don't know what possessed me, but one year at MDS&W I just got sucked in and decided that I had to make this really cool, round rug. No promises that this one will be finished in 2-0-0-6, but I will try to at least work on it here and there.

All of the above will have to wait until I finish Samus, however - otherwise Samus might end up as a 2008 resolution! I am almost up to the point where you start working the right front part of the cardigan.

Not much of an update on the moving front. We are all set for our January 25 hearing date for the subdivision, and we continue to pack and get rid of excess stuff. We've sold most of the living room furniture and rugs, so now that room looks like it did when we moved in - empty but filled with boxes! The shed is cleaned out and the basement is coming along nicely! I am so happy that the new house does not have a basement! The ugly basementy sort of junk that accumulates will go into the barn, and I hope that the lack of basement will prevent us from saving junk that we really don't need!

I can't wait to finally get to Whidbey Island! I keep getting emails from the Whidbey Weavers' Guild about all the cool study groups and events that are being planned.

Westward Ho!


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