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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Olympic Fever!

Well, I had to do it - I've joined the Knitting Olympics! And with many thanks to Risa, One Crazy Fiber Lady, I've even managed to post the Knitting Olympics Logo!

My project will be a Shrugawl, which is a cross between a shrug and a shawl. The pattern is on if anyone is curious. While it is a pretty basic pattern and it won't be a big challenge for me, I want to be able to actually watch the Olympic events! Lacey patterns require my full attention, thus would not be a good choice. I already have two sweaters on the needles, so I don't want to start a third. The sock yarns and needles are all packed. So, a Shrugawl it will be!

My Denise needle set has escaped being packed, so I have the needles I need. The entire yarn stash is packed, and I refuse to go tearing through boxes that have been packed and sealed, so I will go off to Joann Fabrics with my 40% off coupon to get my yarn. They have some boucle yarn that I have been eyeing for a while, so I now have an excuse to buy it! I am really excited about joining the Olympic fun, and I am excited about my project. I think it will come in handy in the cooler PNW weather.

Today we went in search of a Seattle Seahawks hat. None to be found. Anywhere. Evidently, if the Jets or Giants are not in the Superbowl, the NJ sporting goods stores opt to completely ignore the entire event. And look at you like you have 4 1/2 heads if you ask if they have any Seahawks merchandise.

Then, we went next door to the pet store to buy some supplies for transporting our cat, Cookie, across the country. This should be fun. Right. This is a 17 year old cat who screams her head off on a 10 minute car ride to the vet, and we will be driving 3,000 miles! We picked up a harness (laughing hysterically as the salesperson explained which parts of the cat go where), a leash, and a litter box with really tall sides. Now we have to try to get her into said harness. Right. Falconry gloves might be a good idea. Next I have to track down some spillproof bowls for food and water in the car, as our little furry darling is a grazer. Right now the poor little angel is sound asleep on her blankie on the couch, halo glowing, with no clue as to what we are about to do to her! If I never again post to this blog, you will know that Cookie has slashed DH and me to bits (yes, she has her claws and she isn't afraid to use them!)




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