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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Spinning my Wheels

First, my fiber wheels!

Plied Yellow Tweed

Here's the yellow tweed yarn all plied up! Isn't it pretty? It's a fairly heavy yarn, so I'm not sure what I will do with it - there isn't much yardage. Of course, even when I spin up lots of yardage, I still don't know what to make with it!

Red tweed on Woolee Winder

I got the winder for my Lendrum wheel because I always had such a hard time winding an even bobbin, as the wheel has a sliding clip instead of hooks. You'd think the slider would make it easier, but I guess I just need to have hooks to guide me! I am spinning yellow tweed's sister, red tweed. But this time I am making it a lot thinner so I will get more yardage. I'm thinking socks, perhaps.

Samus update: 10.5" done on lower body; 3.5" to go!

Now, for spinning our wheels on the moving front! We have finally made some progress. We are subdividing a building lot off of our NJ property, and the town engineer has finally (after 8 months) allowed us to have a planning board meeting date. So please send lots of good wishes our way on January 25! If all goes well, and the town approves our request, we should finally be able to move west by the middle of March (it will take about 45 days to clear up the red tape after approval.) Meanwhile, we are still packing and sorting through stuff. We have actually managed to sell some of our excess furniture rather than giving it all away! Now we can start a fund for customizing our new home on Whidbey Island!

It was a nice weekend. My aunt, cousin, and his wife came down from CT to pick up a huge cedar closet. I know, how can a fiberist pass up a huge cedar closet??!! Well, there is really no place to put it in the new house, so it needed a new home. My father built it in 1952 and he made it so it would come apart for moving. DH & my cousin worked hard to take it apart and carry the pieces up out of the dungeon. I am glad that it is staying in the family, and that it will be used and appreciated. Even so, it can be sad to get rid of some things!

Westward Ho!


  • Welcome to PNW bloggers. I'm originally from the East Coast, too. Check out Missouri Star on my sidebar, she may be one of your new neighbours,

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