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Monday, August 07, 2006

A Wonderful Whidbey Day!

Sunday morning I looked out the back window and saw five coyote pups, eating blackberries! They are very cute, with huge ears, and they bounce around like Pepe LePew when he chases the girl skunk! A little while later, we saw mama in front of the house. This is why our cat goes outside only on her leash, with two large people! (well, large from a coyote's point of view, anyway!)

We went to an art exhibit by a Native American artist, Windwalker, and his wife Mary Jo. Such talented and nice people! They paint, make jewelry, and create Fairy Houses, which are little whimsical dwellings. We must have talked with them for almost an hour. I am sure our paths will cross again.

Next, we went to a sculpture and print show at Froggwell Gardens, which is a private home and garden. The owner has had his gardens for 25 years, and they are spectacular! The hydrangeas are blooming now, in amazing colors. I took pictures, but they are at a high resolution and won't upload to Blogger. I'll have to remember in the future to take some pictures at low resolution for the blog! He likes to have a couple of open house art shows a year, as an excuse to share his gardens with his island neighbors. Lucky us! His partner told me that he will have a quilt/textile show in May when the rhododendrons are in bloom.

Later, we went to the 4:00 showing of the Pirates movie at our amazingly cute little theater, The Clyde. It is owned and operated by a nice lady and her husband, rather than some huge faceless conglomerate. Admission is only $5, and you can get popcorn and a drink for $2. AND, it is the only place I know of on the island where I can get Coke (yeah!) rather than Pepsi (boo!) Their website is worth a visit. Be sure to read the history of the place.

It was such a nice day, spent sharing time with some of the wonderful people who call Whidbey Island home.


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