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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Habitats for All

Today DH and I worked on a Habitat for Humanity house for the first time. What a wonderful experience! In addition to making our little inner builders very happy, it is just a very good cause. The project is an adorable one story, 1,000 square foot house on a nice wooded lot. When we arrived at 8AM, there was a foundation, and when we left at around 3PM, we (a group of 8) had installed the cap boards and all the floor joists. It was a nice day to be there, because they also had the official ground breaking ceremony. The partner family (a nice girl and her little daughter) were working right along with us. They are very sweet and I wish them much happiness in their new home, which should be completed by Thanksgiving. We may be going back on Friday to help nail up the siding.

On another note, our yard remains a habitat for coyotes! They still enjoy performing howling operas at night - usually around 1 or 2 AM. But we are starting to get used to this, so they do not always wake us up (completely). They serve to remind us that this is not really "our" land, but we must share it with other creatures, great and small. And that is fine.

My fiber stash has been sorted and organized, and now resides in a lovely habitat of 15 quart Sterlite boxes in the hall closet (except for the fleeces, of course). I will try to post a picture soon. I even bought a Dymo labeler! Scarey, isn't it?

Finally, I've learned that the habitat for my blog is going to have to change sooner rather than later. Blogger has started a Beta blog that requires a Google mail account. Been there, done that, and I refuse to do it again! I found Google mail a nuisance to use and I didn't appreciate the fact that they keep every email you send and receive on their servers for, basically, forever! I have no intention of giving them access to my blog. So I will probably have to give in and spend $25 for an after market manual so I can figure out how to use Mac's I-Web application, which will allow me to publish a blog to the dot Mac service that I already have. It annoys me no end that Mac sells an application with so little documentation that I can't figure out how to use it!

Sending lots of Whidbey Magick your way..........


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