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Monday, September 11, 2006

A Northwest Sunday

Har!!! No, the PNW hasn't been invaded by pirates! This was a scene out in the water during the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival on Sunday. There were a couple of old schooners out there having entirely too much fun shooting off canons into the water! Wish I could have been out there with them!
Here's a shot of the town harbor. About 200 wooden boats, some old and some brand new came out to play for the weekend. They were amazing to see - such nice lines and so beautiful. I was drooling over all the wooden kayaks. There are even companies that will sell you a wooden kayak kit - very tempting. Only thing is, I know how I end up beaching my plastic kayak to get in and out, and no way would I want to do that to a gorgeous, shiny, varnished wood boat! When we got on the ferry to come back home, we saw a girl with a beautiful kayak covered in some kind of skin, with a hand lashed seam along the top. Turns out she made it herself at a class somewhere in Anacortes. I'll have to check that out!

The ferry ride home was interesting.
Two huge cruise ships passed in front of us, and the ferry captain had to practically turn the boat around to avoid their wakes. Wimp! He should have just gunned it and jumped the wakes the way my cousin does up at the lake! Ha Ha

I checked with our wonderful little town library today, and they have purchased the i-Web book I requested, and I should be able to check it out soon. I'll post the new blog address as soon as I finally figure out how to use the system!

Sending lots of Whidbey Magick your way.....


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